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Rodriguez Family

Betsy reached out to me asking for family photos. Their oldest, Alex, is about to go serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ohio and they wanted family photos to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Alex is going to be greatly missed and loved! She is the oldest of seven siblings who definitely look up to her! Big families are so much fun!

One of my favorite things about shooting in downtown Denton is that there is so much variety. It is one of my favorite places to meet up with families and couples! I'm pretty sure that I could take pictures there every weekend and come out with different "looks" each time. I also love that it's the perfect place for anyone - seniors, couples, or families with kids of all ages. Maybe it's the nostalgia of Denton being my college town, but there is truly something special about it!

Taking the Rodriguez family photos there was no exception. We went in the morning to avoid some of the Texas heat. Honestly, it still got hot but we were able to find some shade and everyone did amazing. Betsy is an expert-level mom and had a trip to the donut shop set up as bribery for after the photo session! That is always a great motivation!

After portraits, some family hug sessions, and red-light green light games, everyone earned their donuts!!

Wishing your family the best during this wonderful transition and last week of full family fun! And Alex, wishing you the best as you go off to serve!

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