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Grand Canyon Over Thanksgiving Break

After several failed attempts at a fall camping trip, I was defeated. Nick, knowing how much I needed something, suggested that we go the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving. It wouldn't be camping - since it's too cold for our gear, but it would still be an adventure. YES! So, for this trip, Nick did a good chunk of getting things planned, and as soon as we could, we hit the road. The boys were so excited to stay in a hotel the first night. We just drove until it was late, and we were just in New Mexico. When we awoke, you could see snow on the far away buttes. Always fun waking up in a new place!

The next day we went to the Grand Canyon. Bryce, our friend, currently works there flying helicopters. He said going on the weekend was better for less crowds. Everyone is flying in from all over the world on the weekend, and then goes and sees it during the week. Who knew?! He suggested after stopping at the visitors center, we drive along and view some of the outlooks. We did, but by the time we got to the first outlook, we realized how big the grand canyon really was! We thought we had stopped at several outlooks, but they were scenic pull overs, and still just as amazing. 

By this time we realized we were NOT going to make it to all the lookouts, so we decided to skip a bunch and head straight to the Watchtower before they close. We were the LAST people allowed in for the day! As we were speed walking towards it, they opened the doors and announced "Last call!" We high-tailed it up to the top, and got to enjoy the sunset. It was such a magical moment, truly. 

In the evening, our friends took us to see some Christmas lights. It was the first time in a LONG time that I felt truly cold, and I loved it! We also trued to watch some stars, but the moon was a little too bright.

The next day we went to Bearizona, on recommendation of our friends. It was awesome! Part of it you drive around and view animals from your car, and then part of it is a small zoo that you can walk around inside. Worth a visit!

When we were done, it was a little after lunch, and we were only an hour from the Grand Canyon. We decided to drive back up and catch the extra outlooks that we missed. I'm so glad we did!! We saw so many elk!! I didn't get any on photo, but I did get on video two crossing the road. Youtube video in the works (may have to wait until December or January - sorry!)

And on that last night in Flagstaff we went out to eat at a diner on route 66 with our friends. Thank you Bryce, Cherise, and your family for letting us come crash and stay with you!!

Have you been to the Grand Canyon? What was your favorite part of the trip?

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