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Fun In Destin

Why Destin? So many friends had recommended going to Destin, we wanted to see what it was all about. It is absolutely beautiful! The water is unreal! It is so clear and turquoise. It felt like we were on a tropical island!

We stayed at a Newman-Dailey Condo (not sponsored, just genuinely IMPRESSED!) that was across the street from a public beach access, Shirah Beach Trail. We loved how close we were to the beach and that you could see it from the patio doors. It was perfect distance for coming back for afternoon relax time.

Because sometimes it's not what you see in the pictures, it's important to remember that Destin is crowded. If you want to get good seats, you NEED to wake up early. This wasn't a big deal for us since we are naturally an early bird family (believe me, we try to not but it is what it is.) The first day we walked across mid day and it was so crowded! But, the next morning we went at sunrise and got seats in the front. The reason we had to go early is because the hotels on either side of the access block off. Here's two pictures, one at 6 am and one at 9 am to show the difference:

I wish I had taken a photo the first day when we showed up at 1 pm. That was insane. But here are some other "reality-showing" photos.

6 AM vs. 6 PM

6 AM wildlife and chairs on the beach already (The roped off section and their custom beach chairs).

We had lots of fun regardless of the crowds or waking up early. It was beautiful!

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