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Destin Beach Family Photos

When we were on vacation in Destin, I knew that I would want to bring along my camera for family photos. I prepared my family that they needed to pack at least one "photo outfit" and that one morning we would wake up early and take photos at the beach.

It was so worth it!

The water, no matter what time, was so clear and vibrant turquoise-blue. The sunrise, pre-sunrise actually, created the beautiful soft blues, pinks, oranges, and purples. The bonus for rising early? Very little people on the beach AND a nicer gentler breeze! We had been down at the beach a few days, and the evening often was much windier - good luck having good hair photos then - and a ton of families scattered throughout either enjoying the beach or attempting to take family photos.

With the beach practically to ourselves and the beach rental guy setting up, here are some of our family photos.

More 2021 summer vacation photos coming soon, but these were some of my favorite!

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