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Day Family Photos

Pulling up to the parking lot on this crisp early autumn morning, I was beyond giddy to see the morning mist blanketed across all the tall grass and trees. It was like looking at a Pride and prejudice movie! And it was perfect for this fall family mini session in Denton.

If there are two things that warm my heart the most from my clients, it would be when they 1) update profile photos with photos I've taken and, 2) when they become recurring clients! I don't know why it still surprises me?! I'm beyond grateful and excited when they do! The best about this is not only having great friends to connect with, but also it takes away a huge chunk of that unfamiliar-awkwardness that naturally can come when you first are getting comfortable in the beginning of a session.

Thank you so much Day family for coming out on this cool morning! I still am absolutely in love with your color choices, and more so with your awesome family! Until next time!

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