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Caprock Canyon Adventures

This year I have had a terrible travel bug. Searching incognito flights to various destinations for fun, pretend plan itineraries, and pinterest research all I could about a place until a new one came up. Yeah, it got so bad, in fact, that Nick basically told me we were going to go on a trip as soon as school let out. 

Sounds good to me!

The big picture was to go to Colorado, with pitstops along the way. Originally we planned to go to Palo Duro Canyon, but then Bryce and Cherise suggested we go to Caprock Canyon instead.  Bryce is a major outdoor enthusiast, and I'm so glad that we went with their recommendation!

I had two overall major impressions from the trip. First off, that the dessert is beautiful. Growing up on the East Coast, familiarity with greenery and Appalachian Mountains were my kind of beauty. South West was foreign to me, with the exception of the airline. The vastness blended with the rich red colors vibrantly brought out at sunsets and sunrises are indescribable. I'm not even sure the camera can properly capture it.

The second impression I got was how accurate the wildlife signs were. "Watch for Bison crossing roadway" and there they were! "Watch for prairie dogs," and there were about 20 of them chillin' in the field! Overall at Caprock Canyon we saw bison, prairie dogs, a snake, road runners, a rabbit, lizards, and a horny-toad lizard.  Want to see some wild life? Go here!

There is a really cool trail that goes to a bat cave that used to be a train tunnel (I think), but when we inquired about the trail, it was five miles one way. That's just a bit more than the boys could handle right now. Instead, we chose another trail that went over some creek beds. We went over NINE in total, but only one had some water. Round about the boys hiked about 2.75 miles and they were exhausted! They were such troopers!

No state (or National) park is complete for us without completing a Junior Ranger Program. The boys enjoy it and love getting their badges when they are done!

We had planned to camp two nights, but at the very end of the day, a storm blew in. Hear-thunder-in-the-distance-and-your-tent-almost-blows-away-from-the-increasing-wind type of storm. Thunderstorms are awesome, but sleeping in a tent during one didn't sound so good. We packed up early and headed towards our next stop - Colorado Sand Dunes.

Tune in next week for our next stop! 

Want to see more of Caprock Canyon? Check out this video from our trip:

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