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Barber Extended Family Photos

I am so grateful that gatherings are a thing again! It feels SO GOOD to get together, and I'm extra grateful to take the big extended Barber family photos!

Summer is the month of travel, and a great time to visit family and friends that we have missed so dearly. Thank goodness the Texas weather was pretty nice for a Saturday morning session in mid July (Don't worry, it was humid!). One of my favorite locations to do lush green photos with lots of photogenic places is in Denton at TWU Little Chapel in The Woods. This was the perfect spot not only for a large family, but also for family with kids. Nothing like having lots of running room and space without traffic!

The Barbers are friends that are like family to me, and it was like a mini-reunion for me! I loved seeing friends who flew back into town. All the kids and my kids get along really well, and when taking the adult siblings and spouses photo, it totally reminded me of an episode of Friends. Such genuine good people right here that I am so grateful to have in my life!

Big family sessions may seem daunting to some, but I am grateful to take them. The photo pace is quick, lots of fast changes, but oh so worth it! It doesn't hurt either that there were lollipops and rice Krispie treats as bribery for all. ;-)

Thanks again Barber family!!

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