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Amanda and Zechariah

Back in late April there was an Engagement Giveaway to for the announcement of opening to weddings this year! Don't you just love giveaways? I love participating in them, and I am loving being on the giving side of that, too! Amanda and Zechariah were the two lucky winners for this one!

If meeting each other in their high school AP biology class doesn't show off how smart and cute they are, the pictures sure will. Amanda gets the adventurous job of saving the day at a vet clinic, and Zechariah does super smart things my brain can't comprehend by saving the world working in CoVid labs. What a smart pair!

Zechariah did his homework pulling off a romantic lake side proposal at a favorite restaurant. BRAVO! When it came time to pick a place for engagement photos, it was so poetic to have a waterfront session at Rockledge Park on Grapevine Lake.

Honestly I was a little afraid that it would get rained out, but thankfully we had some dry skies! Along with those skies, the lake level was WAY higher than we both were anticipating with the month-plus long of rain we've been getting. And the humidity? Oh man, it was so bad, I was sweeting before they even got there!

Despite the humidity and high waters, this session turned out MAGICAL! The sun graced us with some Sahara-worthy sunsets, AND I'm so grateful for their willingness to go along with my shenanigans by get in the lake. Those last few images in the lake just completely remind of the notebook!

Thank you so much Amanda and Zechariah for such a fun time! It was a blast capturing your stunning images and I wish y'all the BEST with your wedding next year!

Congrats again on your engagement!

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