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A Year in Review, 2019-2020

First, it has been a year - and that's not just speaking for 2020's spring spiral. There's been a few reasons why blogs on here have been slim. Let's back up to August 2019.

In August I was beyond excited to open up a new elementary school in my district. Construction deadlines were quite close, which meant the school year started off with moving into my new classroom THREE days before the Monday students came. It was a wonderful whirlwind. Despite all the crazy, we were blessed with great leadership and a very supportive community.

If that wasn't enough to handle, we also bought a house! Interesting how things happened. We had been looking for a few years, and it finally fell in place. We ended up closing AND moving the week before school started.

That's right.

So August and September felt like we were living out of boxes between moving our home and moving my work.

In other ventures, we have always wanted a dog, but with three years of living in an apartment, we had said, "When we get a house." Well, with having a house now and no longer having excuses, and a friend with a litter ready to go home, why not add one more major life change? We got a puppy! Her Kitty.

With three major life changes, (moving, job change, and adding a pet), most of the 2019-2020 year felt like I was trying to figure out my footing, make my footing, or catching a breath. It was fast, furious, and wonderful all at the same time. Just when I felt that things were finally getting "manageable," CoVid-19 hit the world and threw us all a curveball.

First, we were blessed to have good health during this time. Next, it's been very interesting since then as it has been for many. A question I keep asking myself is, "What am I learning about myself through this? What am I noticing? What do I want to keep and what do I want to change?"

For day-to-day during all of this, we adapted to remote schooling and all working at home. We also used the time to work on home projects, learn new skills and hobbies, and lots more hugs.

Well, I'm still working out those deep questions, but overall feeling more hopeful looking ahead. Perhaps it's the change of the seasons that are helping us.

With all that being said, I'm FINALLY at a point to get caught up on the fall 2019 photo sessions. I know I missed a few and they deserve their own highlight on this little corner of the internet. They were some of my favorite! I can't wait to share them with you! Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands!

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