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$200 off
Golden Wedding Package

Save $200 and pay only $1,500 for up to
5 hours of wedding day coverage
For 2022 Wedding Dates, subject to availability

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Diamond Wedding Package

Save $400 and pay only $3,000 for up to
10 hours of wedding day coverage
For 2022 Wedding Dates, subject to availability


$50 off
Lifestyle Session Gift Cards

Save $50 and pay only $300 for a 45 minute session
Perfect for families, seniors, couples, or individuals
Redeem between January and July 2022

By purchasing this gift card, you agree to the following terms and conditions
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1. No Fees and Terms of Expiration Date: You will not be charged any activation, service, dormancy or inactivity fees in connection with your Gift Card. Your Gift Card has an expiration date of July 31st, 2022. Booking your session should be done early in the year to ensure you receive the date requested.

2. Delivery and Ownership: Gift Cards are digital and emailed directly to recipients and usually arrive within a day after ordering. Skip and Leap is not responsible for incorrect digital gift card delivery due to entry of an incorrect email address. Ownership and risk of loss of Gift Cards passes to the purchaser as soon confirmation is sent to the recipient.

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