Capturing Joy

Want photography that really shows off who you are and tells your story? That's my specialty! You have a wonderfully unique personality that all your favorite people are magnetized by. I'll be there along your special day capturing those magical moments and details that you never want to forget: the way they lock eyes and smile at you, the joyous embrace, the tender way you both hold hands. In order to show off your unapologetic personality, building a relationship is an important part of the process. Don't worry, we don't have to hang out every other day (Believe it or not, I'm an extroverted introvert :-P ). It means you might get an email or text from me here and there to check in. ;-) During shoots, if you're stumped on what to do, don't worry! I'll prompt and guide you into interactions that lead to organic smiles and laughter! Capturing authentic interactions are the *chef's kiss" of photography, and sometimes all they need is a little nudge. I cannot wait to get to know you and to help capture the best of that for you to cherish years to come.




I picked Megan based off a recommendation and we have no regrets about our choice. She was professional,  fun and the pictures look AMAZING!


Skip and Leap Photography, you captured the very essence of Miller. Fantastic!!


Just got through all the pictures and THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Seriously, you capture our family perfectly. Thank you so much! 

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