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Capturing Joy

Want photography that really shows off who YOU are and tells your story? That's my specialty! You have a wonderfully unique personality that all your favorite people are magnetized by. 

During shoots, if you're stumped on what to do, don't worry! I'll prompt and guide you into interactions that lead to organic smiles and laughter! Capturing authentic interactions are the *chef's kiss* of photography, and sometimes all they need is a little nudge.

In order to show off your unapologetic personality, building a relationship is an important part of the process. Don't worry, I'm not asking to be your new BFF! It means you might get an email or text from me here and there checking in leading up to your wedding day. :-)

I cannot wait to capture the best of YOU for you to cherish years to come!



  • How many photos can I expect?
    You will receive at least 40 edited photos per hour in your final gallery. There is NO CAP on the number of items delivered to you. As I edit, I keep all the good ones and take out all the not-so-great ones, like when your eyes or shut or if there are duplicates of the same pose. What's left after culling and editing is the gorgeous photos that make up your final gallery!
  • How long will it take to get my photos?
    As the cleaner in Toy Story would say, "You can't rush art!" I also know how important these photos are for you and you're dying to see them (I know, me too!) I work hard to edit them as fast as reasonable without jeopardizing quality in order to get them back to you to cherish. For weddings, your private gallery will be take 4 weeks. It's such an important and big day (and with so many beautiful photos of you both) that you'll likely receive a sneak peak in the waiting process. For life style sessions, your private gallery will take 2 weeks. I strive to turn around the full gallery as soon as reasonably possible. I can't wait to get them back to you!
  • Can I print my photos?
    Absolutely! For client easy access, directly linked from your edited gallery is a shop with exclusive access to high quality professional print shops. It will showcase your images on various products, and purchases can be sent directly to your home for an effortless shopping experience! If you have a preferred print company that you'd rather support, your gallery comes with a print release for personal use only. This gives you the freedom to choose where you want your images printed. If you'd like assistance creating an album, please inquire!
  • Can we post images on social media?
    I love social media! For clients sharing photos on personal accounts, all that I ask is that you credit Skip and Leap Photography when posting and please do not crop, edit, or filter the photos in any way. Thanks! If you are intending to share images commercially, for your business, or for branding, (this includes your business socials) please let me know when inquiring. I'd be happy to discuss with you your marketing needs and commercial contract.
  • Do you give all raw unedited images?
    Nope. If you've checked out my work and love it, editing is part of the process that you're loving and it will be included in services. Clients receive their culled and edited final gallery in JPEG format with the option to download in high quality or web quality. If you DON'T enjoy my editing style, that's okay! That means that we're not a good fit and you will want to look at other photographers who matches your style.
  • How does payment work?
    Payments are sent electronically in a proposal with an invoice and contract. The non-refundable retainer must be paid and both partners must sign the contract in order to reserve your session or wedding date. The retainer counts towards your total bill and is not an additional cost above those fees. Wedding retainers are $500, with final payment due one month before your big day. Final payment can be split in two payments. Lifestyle session retainers are $75, with final payment due one week before session. Mini session require full payment at booking. Minis are available when announced through Skip and Leap email subscribers and on social media. Be sure to follow and subscribe to see when available. All payments are nonrefundable.
  • What about bad weather?
    For weddings, I am prepared to adapt and shoot in various lighting and weather situations. As much as I'd love to control the weather, I haven't figured out how to do that yet. For lifestyle sessions, I will keep an eye on the forecast the week before our session. It can change quickly... in either direction! If the forecast is sketchy there is always a bit of a gamble with whatever choice I make, as the weather can change on a dime. However, I will try to make the best decision based on my professional experience and let you know if we will need to reschedule. I'll reach out to you a day or two before in that case. Even if it's not raining but the clouds are too dark, or the wind is 30+ mph, we will need to reschedule. Dark clouds make for unflattering shadows, and of course the possibility of rain is no fun when you just spent so much time on everyone's hair! If this happens, we will proceed with the backup date we chose upon first booking or discuss a reschedule date.
  • What's your late policy?
    I completely understand how hard it can be to get a family out the door on time. Just breathe: *INHALE*exhale.* Okay, first leaving a little early always helps. Sometimes things happen. If that does, text me to let me know! I'll still be at the location when you get there and happy to take your family's photos with the remaining scheduled time. Extending a session past your originally scheduled time is dependent upon availability and will result in additional costs.
  • What's your rescheduling and cancelation policy?
    There are no cancelation fees, however all payments are non-refundable. If we have a session planned and something happens, illness or emergency, please let me know asap. I'm a momma of two kids and three pets. I get it. Let me know and we can work on rescheduling your session. If your wedding date needs to be rescheduled, unfortunately the deposit is forefitted for the original date. A new deposit is required for the new date. If you cancel the wedding date, unfortunately the deposit is forefitted.
  • What happens if you get sick?
    If I get sick for a session, I will let you know as soon as possible and we can reschedule your lifestyle session. If something unfortunately happens to me for your wedding day (please teacher immunity system stay strong and work for me here!), I will recommend another professional photographer with similar style that can be there to capture your day in my place. If I'm unable to find a photographer, you will be refunded.



I picked Megan based off a recommendation and we have no regrets about our choice. She was professional,  fun and the pictures look AMAZING!


Skip and Leap Photography, you captured the very essence of Miller. Fantastic!!


Just got through all the pictures and THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Seriously, you capture our family perfectly. Thank you so much! 

Think we're a fit?

Me too! Fill out the form to the side to get this party started! The form goes directly to me, and I will reach back to you so we can start planning and dreaming. Thanks!

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