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Our Adventures


I know, I know. You may have come to find out more about my photography business only. All the "experts" say to keep your personal life and different "brands" separate. While that *may* be true, it's not me. It's more important for me to show up as my authentic self. Besides, if you're trusting me to take photos of your most epic day ever, I think it's only fair that you know a little bit about my life, too.

My family and I love to go on adventures. It may be a little harder living in North Texas to get to epic mountains or scenic shores, but we love road trips! So we'll load up the truck, take our dog, kids, and kayaks, and head off for either a weekend adventure or a weeklong adventure. These trips are my love language (yay quality time!) 

Work hard and play hard. While I'm very good at busting my butt off,  I'm also working on taking the time to play hard, too. Plus, it's easier for me to slow down and focus on my family when we're out doing something together. Taking photos of my family is what got me into photography as a business, and I still love to take photos of our adventures. (I even started a youtube channel of our trips - crazy!). So whether this section inspires you to take your own adventures, or let's you know that I really am up to any outdoor adventure for your elopement or wedding day, I hope you enjoy!

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