I'm Megan and a North Texas based photographer who frequents in southern Oklahoma and loves to travel. I capture joyful, unique, and fun-loving COUPLES & FAMILIES. 

 I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, but fell in love with my husband while in college at UNT. We stayed in the area for family and enjoy life now with our two kids, two cats, and our pup named Kitty. 

Photography began for me when I wanted capturing my family's memories. The boys were so young and changing so fast. Nick gifted me my first "fancy camera" seven years ago and I haven't stopped taking photos ever since! It is my creative outlet.

I am all about YOUR story. Photography for me is all about story telling, and getting to help tell YOURS is my jam. We'll laugh, have fun, and get some beautiful work done. I hope you love some games, because play is my favorite way to help capture your story. 

Some other random facts about me: I'm also a full time elementary music teacher. That means most days I get to hang out with little people and spend time singing songs and playing games. 100% living my Julie Andrews in Sound of Music dream!


The Family

This is our family! Nick, Megan, Zach, and Ryan. Our family is based in North Texas and love adventures including camping, backpacking, kayaking, and swimming (the only way to survive the summer, am I right?!)


Adding video documentation of our adventures started about five years ago when we sold our house, finished paying off college loans, and went on our first debt free camping adventure. It's mostly with our phones and GoPro, but they are moments we cherish greatly.

Whether you are here to check out our awesome adventures or you're looking for a photographer for you, these people right here are the reason behind it all!